Listbot, Reborn
Legal List Checkpoint - BETA

Copy+Paste your list from Warscroll Builder into this box, and then hit the Validate button down below.

Below the list box, you can also Submit your list to a TO directly from here.

To copy your list, on the Warscroll Builder page, press the question mark button just above where it says Choose Your Point System, above choosing your Grand Alliance, and near the Warscroll Builder hammer logo. This will open a window with a copy button in it, which you can click on, before returning to this site and pasting it here.

This validator is not 100% accurate yet. Sometimes it will display issues that aren't correct. It's purpose is not to stop cheating, but rather to be a tool to help people double check their lists before they submit and to help TOs check lists for factions they aren't familiar with.

So don't worry if Listbot says something is wrong with your list that you know is actually fine, just ignore it, eventually the machine revolution will come and none of this will matter anyway.

All feedback is welcome, find me @jpganis on Twitter.