Listbot, Reborn

What the fuck am I looking at?

This site collects data from games of Age of Sigmar (AoS) played and presents various statistics pertaining to that data.

Listbot is a colloquial name for a cluster of algorithms for performing operations of all sorts on this data; examples include predicting where a player will finish at an event, estimating the power level of a list, estimating the power of a unit in a faction, and more.

Many pages here are just presenting data as well, rather than manipulating it, such as the State of the Meta page.

Overall, this site basically is just a variety of ways of looking at statistics from competitive AoS games.

What about my privacy?

If you would not like to be displayed on this site, that is completely understandable and please send an email to so we can remove you immediately with no questions asked.

Other than that, Listbot gathers data from other gaming sites like and the BadDice rankings site, and composites it here on the site. In terms of GDPR Listbot is covered by the fact it has a "Legitimate Interest" - you can read more about that here but I would say the TL;DR is that the data is not particularly sensitive nor is it being used in an unexpected or devious manner.

Again, if you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to email Much love, Jp

How does Listbot value different warscrolls?

Here is a link to the full explanation, but the short version is that Listbot estimates the points cost of a warscroll by identifying key features of that warscroll, and comparing those features to the features of other warscrolls of which the points costs are already known.

Why are the stats different on different websites?

The exact numbers on stats like winrate will depend on exactly which events are being counted! Listbot automatically gathers events from the web so it might not have all the same events as wherever else you're checking. All the events involved in calculations are visible at the bottom of the State of the Meta page, but the best advice is to just gather information from as many sources as you can!

How does the LAB work?

The LAB uses a bunch of different metrics to calculate a score for your list. The warscroll values are calculated as in the first question on this page, explained here.

The List Precedent score creates a score for your list based on how similar it is to previous lists for your faction, combined with how well those lists performed. It's best to look both at the LAB score and the Precedent score, to get a balanced view of how well a list does.

Why can't I see all the stats on this person's profile?

By default, many personal stats are private on Listbot in case people don't want people looking at them. You can make your profile public though by signing up and ticking the box on Your Player Page.

These stats are wrong!

All models are wrong, some are useful.